Cathedral Bells

Central and South America

General description

Perennial woody vine. Tendrils are clawed. Flowers are trumpet-shaped, purple and borne in spring. Seed capsules are < 95 cm long and ripen in autumn. Seeds are papery and winged.

What you need to know

To help protect our environment:

  • You must not breed, distribute, release or sell cathedral bells. As cathedral bells is a National Pest Plant Accord species, these restrictions apply within the Auckland region and across the whole of New Zealand.
  • You must not plant cathedral bells within the Auckland region.
Auckland Council will manage cathedral bells at all sites where it is known to occur.

If you see cathedral bells anywhere in the Auckland region, please report it to Auckland Council at

Riparian margins, forest, scrub.

Seeds dispersed by water, wind and gravity. Vegetative spread from layering and tubers. Human-mediated dispersal through deliberate plantings.

Smothers native vegetation and prevents seedling establishment.

Site Management

Recommended approaches

Do not attempt to undertake control of this species. Please report to Auckland Council.

CAUTION: When using any herbicide or pesticide please read the label thoroughly to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

blue morning glory
Ipomoea indica

Blue morning glory has leaves that are three lobed and have hairy undersides. The flower is deep purple-blue and trumpet shaped.

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RPMP status

National Pest Plant Accord Species
Whole region (Progressive Containment, council delivered)
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