North America

General description

Small, non-descript silver fish. Females up to c.6 cm, males up to 3.5 cm.

What you need to know

To help protect our environment:

Shallow margins of still or slow-moving waterbodies, lakes, wetlands, ponds, streams.

Eats zooplankton, eggs and larvae of fish, aquatic and terrestrial macro-invertebrates. Can contribute to poor water clarity, alter nutrient cycling and exacerbate algal blooms.


Check equipment and vessels for freshwater pests, clean everything that has been in contact with the water and dry everything thoroughly.

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For more information about gambusia and how to manage them, please contact Auckland Council at

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RPMP status

Aotea (Exclusion)
Whole region (Sustained Control)
Hauraki Gulf Controlled Area Notice pest
Gambusia - Main species image