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Yellow Ginger

South Africa

General description

Herbaceous perennial plants <2m tall. Large, branching rhizomes that form dense layers <1m deep. Large wax-covered, lance-shaped leaves. Yellow ginger (H. flavescens) has slightly narrower leaves, cream to light yellow flowers (late autumn to early winter), doesn't produce seeds.

Forest edges, plantations, road edges, streams, unfarmed land. Prefers open light-filled areas also readily grows under forest canopy.

Spread locally from rhizomes, which sprout annually. Also spread from rhizome fragments. Doesn't produce seed.

Forms dense colonies smothering native plants & preventing regeneration.

Site Management

Maintain rolling front, eradication can be easily achieved. Don’t replant sprayed sites for 6 months.

Recommended approaches

1. Slash stems & dig out all rhizomes. Young plants can be hand pulled, taking care to remove strings of rhizomes.
2. Cut above pink “collar” at base & stump paint (0.5g metsulfuron/1L or Vigilant gel).
3. Spray dense patches away from roots of vulnerable species, spring - late autumn (5g metsulfuron + 10ml penetrant/10L).

CAUTION: When using any herbicide or pesticide please read the label thoroughly to ensure that all instructions and safety requirements are followed.

Similar species

wild ginger
Hedychium gardnerianum